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What do all the beautiful people do that their Instagram feeds are so amazing? How do they gain followers and all those likes/hearts? What can I do to run a stunning Instagram account?

Think of Instagram as a magazine.

A magazine about you.

If it has no theme, no rules, no template – it looks like a mess. Of course, every individual photo may be beautiful. But when the traffic arrives on your feed, people see a whole layout. Each photo plays an important role in your overall Instagram feed.

Undoubtedly, you want to present your magazine as a valuable one.

So – make people impressed. Make them follow you.

There are many Instagram themes. You create your custom Instagram layout by planning each square. There are few popular apps which can help you to edit and plan a grid e.g. Preview App (please note it’s not a sponsored post, I recommend it because I use it – and I like it 🙂 ).

Be consistent! People like to PREDICT things. If you keep up with your schedule, they will eagerly follow you cause they know what will happen next – what you will post. They know your theme and they can choose if they like it or not.

This post consists tips according to planning a grid (in the following posts you’ll find more ideas connected with colors and content of your feed, so stay tuned! 🙂 ).

All photos are linked to original Instagram accounts, so you can visit them! 🙂

Grid #1 Simple

As long as you stick to the same colors and filters combination, you don’t have to plan a whole feed at the beginning. Start easy – don’t let your photos have too many details. The black&white color theme can be a good idea too!


Grid #2 Tiles

This one is fancy – you share one photo, then one quote, then a photo, then a quote, then a photo… Super easy to plan. Instead of a quote, you can post any text, emoticons, drawings – just make them differ from your photos.


Grid #3 White borders

it’s a good solution for someone who knows he will share very different photos. Your overall feed will still look consistent and well-planned – like a gallery wall!


Grid #4 Line by Line

It’s a beautiful grid layout! It makes your Instagram feed look like an actual magazine. You can separate the lines with some quotes or descriptions – or just post three photos in a row which have something in common.


Grid #5 Rectangles

It may be a bit harder to plan, cause all your photos need to have the same size border (using the Preview App will be helpful for sure) but it’s definitely worth all the effort! Just have a look:

Grid #6 Follow the line

My favorite one of Instagram themes! I used to use this layout for my Instagram account (as you can see on this old photo below :)). It makes people scroll through your feed cause it looks so cool – it’s addictive! Post two photos and a quote/text/emoticon/simple picture between them. You may post three photos in a row or separate them (morning/noon/evening) which is actually wiser in order to gain new followers (but it makes your white line “travel” from left to right side).



And what are your favorite Instagram themes? Comment down below! 🙂