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Since you’ve clicked to read this article, you probably know in general what Insta Story is – a series of photos and videos people can swipe through on Instagram.

Although we use to think Insta Story would not be able to replace Snapchat, it actually did. Insta Story offers many features that help to promote yourself on Instagram even more than before. Let’s dig into some details:



As you probably know, Insta Story disappears 24 hours after publishing, so it has a different purpose than a regular photo on your Instagram account. It was created to keep you in touch with your followers on a day-to-day basis rather than expand your feed. It is great to share moments of the day with your friends, but it’s even important for public persons or those who run their own businesses to reach people who will buy what they offer.

How to appear first in Insta Story

We follow a bunch of accounts, but what actually makes some appear first (and some last) in Insta Stories? What to do if WE want to appear first? Well, unfortunately, not everything depends on us. There is a certain order that makes you see some of Insta Stories first:

  • Stories that were updated most recently tend to appear first.
  • An algorithm predicts user’s preferences – it shows you things that usually interest you most.
  • At the beginning, you see Stories of people with whom you interact the most.
  • If you’ve muted some accounts, Insta Stories of them will appear last.

How to browse Insta Stories

Sometimes you don’t want to watch ALL posted Stories in order to see a certain one somewhere at the end. That’s why you should:

  • Tap to skip one photo or video – not an entire Insta Story
  • Swipe right to go to the previous Insta Story
  • Swipe left to go to the next Insta Story

How to post your own Insta Story?

Adding material

You can post a photo or video from your camera roll – but only these taken during last 24 hours. That is the purpose of Insta Story – show your HERE & NOW, not the past! You can post live Insta Story, regular photos and videos, put some different cute face filters (puppy!), record boomerangs or rewind your videos, or even record without pressing the button all the time which is actually a life-changer for some users!

Color filters

After you shoot a photo or record a video, it’s a time to edit it! You can choose a color filter that you like most – and if you are planning to post few photos in a row (that are somehow connected to each other), you may consider putting the same color filter for all of them. Why? Because it will make your Insta Story look more consistent and intentional.


You can easily add some text to your photo or video. Simply tap on the text icon in the upper right corner, type the text and tap on the chosen color. If you swipe left on the color palette, you will see more color options. The other way is to press on one color – it will unlock all the colors of the rainbow! If you wish, you can make each word in a different color.


Now it’s a good time to tap on the drawing tool and add some custom drawings! You can choose between pointed marker, angled marker, highlighter or a rubber. You can also change the size and color of it.

Life-hack: Choose a pointed marker tool, a color, then tap on the screen, hold it a while, and swipe down. The whole screen should be filled with a chosen color. The perfect canvas for some text!


More and more stickers are available! Smiley faces, crowns, sunglasses, and mustaches can be added to your photo or video.

What is more, you can add hashtags or your location that are actually live links, just as regular ones. You can also tag your friends by using the @ symbol (you can tag up to 10 people).

How to add a link to your website

You need to know that for now, this feature is available only for verified accounts. If such accounts share a link, you will see the “See More” button at the bottom of their Story. You just need to type on it or swipe up to open the link.

Replying to Insta Stories

You can reply those who enable you to comment their Story. At the bottom of the screen you will see “Send Message” box – tap on it, type your comment and hit “Send” button. Simple, right? 🙂

In case you want to disable messages to your Story, go to your profile, tap on Settings in the top right corner, choose “Story Settings” and select an option from the list: “everyone”, “people you follow” or “off”.

How to delete Insta Story

Phew..! You CAN delete your Insta Story! 🙂 Tap on three dots at bottom right corner of the photo or video, hit “Delete” and “Confirm”.

Hide your Insta Story from some people

In short: You don’t want your ex, employer or mum to see your Insta Story… You’re naughty! 😀

Again, go to your profile, choose “Settings” icon, tap on “Story Settings”, then “Hide My Story From” and choose proper accounts. Done!

Mistakes you want to avoid

Since Insta Story feature has become available, many users post A LOT every day. Let’s be honest, everyone has that one friend who posts BILLIONS of meaningless stuff on their Insta Story. Others think that it doesn’t require as good quality as their regular Instagram feed.

This is so wrong!

By the way… We all skip such Stories, right?

Be professional! Add only few photos or videos a day and keep the high quality of the posted material. Otherwise, people will be sick of your absolutely not interesting content.

Woah, a lot of stuff to remember, huh?

Let me know in the comments section below what is your key to master Insta Story feature!