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Instagram is fun! A simple app with millions of #lovelysquares… Since you’re reading this post, you’d probably wondering how to turn this form of entertainment into a real income. Is it really possible?

It is! You can earn by running an account on Instagram! 😀

However, it’s not that simple as it looks like. It demands dedication, consistency and a looot of creativity.

So, what to start with?

#1 Make your account public

I know, I know… That’s so basic. But there are some people who still don’t know it! If you share some photos that you don’t want to make public – like photos of your children or other family members – create a separate private account for that sort of content. Business is business.

#2 Define the type of content you will post

To create the brand, you need to know what you want to sell. Obvious, right? Be consistent – choose one subject and post related photos. If you have few ideas, like fitness, makeup, positive quotes…I would rather recommend creating few separate accounts for that. Specified accounts seem to be more successful than those with mixed content.

#3 Choose an Instagram theme

Well, that is not necessary, but rather advisable 🙂 You can choose from many grid layout ideas and color themes. Here, I wrote an article that I hope will help you to find the best option for you 🙂 Well-thought-out accounts tend to have more followers!

#4 Tie your social media accounts together

Thanks to that you can syndicate your post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Flicker & FourSquare. But the most important is to connect your account to your Facebook. Is the only way to turn your Instagram into a verified, business account and to be able to check your analytics.

#5 Bio!

Fill it out completely! The name (this bold font in your bio) is very important! It displays under your nickname in suggestions to follow for other users. It seems like Instagram prioritize accounts with a real name, that’s why I decided to put there a line “Sophia 🍊 Social Media Tips”. Thanks to that when I appear in somebody’s suggestions, they already know what I post and might be more eager to follow me! Easy, right? 😀

#6 Savoir-vivre

Ok, so when I follow someone, I do it because I’m interested in their content. If they follow me back, that’s nice. But I don’t expect that. And opposite, if someone follows me, I always check their account. If it’s appealing to me, I will follow them too. Seems logic? Well, that’s how it should work like.

But it’s not. Some people use apps to unfollow their unfollowers or gain extra likes from nowhere… Please, don’t do this! The best way is to build your audience organically. I know, it takes some time… But you will gain true followers, real people who are interested in what you do! The community over the competition! You may also read a little about it in my previous post. The same is about hot hashtags. Don’t add hashtags that are hot if they don’t suit the content you post. It just makes no sense! You will not gain any followers that are truly fascinated with your content. Besides, if the hashtag is hot, many people use it. And it will be really hard to stand out from the crowd of desperate teenagers (read a post about the Long-Tail SEO which also relates to Instagram strategies!)

#7 Language

Depending on the product you’d like to promote or sell, you need to choose your audience. In most cases, it turns that you need to run your account in the most international language which is English. If it’s not your first language… Sorry 🙁 I’m not a native speaker as well – I’m Polish. In such a case, you need to consider if you can build your audience of the people from your country or you prefer to extend it worldwide.

#8 Hashtags

If you can use 30 hashtags, use them all! Likes and followers will not come from anywhere (unless you’re Beyonce). Use hashtags that are related to the content you post and are not too general, like #love, #tbt or #me. Again, it’s too big platform to stand out from the crowd if your hashtags are not specified to your brand. You might feel it’s overwhelming to find 30 specified hashtags. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you! Grab The Ultimate Hashtag List and don’t worry about your hashtags ever again!

#9 Be consistent!

I know it’s hard to plan a lot in advance. Been there, done this (actually, sometimes I’m still stuck there 😐 ). But it’s really crucial for your organic growth to post regularly. What does it mean? Post EVERY DAY. At least once, maximum 3 times a day. You will see the results 🙂

#10 Quality of photos

Quality of photos makes people follow you or not. Make sure to post professional photos, edited in apps that do not influence the quality. If you don’t have a good camera, you may consider using photos from free stocks, like Unsplash or Pexels.

Keep setting your own goals and achieving them! And share your Instagram nicknames bellow, so I can check your accounts! 😀


Sophia 😀