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Every blogger knows that group boards on Pinterest are definitely a critical part of a Pinterest strategy. In the previous article we’ve already discussed how to join Pinterest group boards. The next question is: how to find the BEST group boards?

How to Find the Best Pinterest Group Boards

There are few things you should look for in a group board:

  • Does the board fit my niche? Avoid boards that allow any type of pins. They won’t help you to grow a loyal audience!
  • Do the board have high-quality pins?
  • How many people contribute and how many pins were already published there? When it’s not reasonable to join a board with thousands of contributors and pins, I wouldn’t also recommend joining a board under 1,000 pins or less than 100 contributors if you are a beginner.
  • Are there any rules for contributors? Is the board well-managed? You definitely want to join a board with some rules about the type and amount of pins you can add per day. However, if the board is too restrictive (requires to add a certain amount of pins that don’t belong to you, allows fewer than 5 pins a day, etc), skip it. There are plenty of easier boards you can try!

Pro tip:

Go find the most famous accounts in your niche. Then look around their profile and find the group boards they are contributing to. There’s a big chance these boards will be perfect for you as well!

You can get kicked off a board!

It will happen – sooner or later! Don’t worry – some boards’ owners are just very selective. What you can do is to learn from the experience on the next group boards. Don’t pin too often, always stick to the topic, don’t pin the same pins over and over again, don’t repeat a pin more often than every two weeks.

Start your own Pinterest group boards!

If you can’t find too many ideal group boards to contribute to, create your own! Then no one can tell you that you’re doing something wrong and you can pin whatever you like, as often as you want. Of course, you still do want to set a good example for the rest of contributors, remember about it!


Let me know in the comments if you decide to start a new Pinterest Group Board! If it fits my niche, I would love to ask you for a permission to join it! 😀


Sophia 🙂