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While scrolling through Pinterest, we skip many posts not even looking at them. The amount of materials to choose from is too big to check all of them, that’s why you need to be smart while posting your pictures.

Pinterest is a visual search engine

Which means that despite all your efforts and creating useful and engaging content, it won’t appeal to people. It won’t unless the pin you are using to promote it is pretty.

Pinterest users definitely judge a book by its cover.

Creating pictures for Pinterest may seem difficult, but it is not at all! Let me show you few tips that work for me:

Use vertical pictures

Although you may prefer horizontal photos and pictures on your blog, website or social platforms, Pinterest works best with vertical pictures. Why? It is simple – the picture takes more space and there is a bigger chance that your content will be noticed by viewers.

Use captions

If you forget about captions, readers may not know that there’s a blog post linked to the picture. Of course, you can describe everything below the photo, but you need to admit that not so many people read it. So, use captions!

Create your own style

Although it’s not required, it is very professional to keep all your pins in one style. Why? Because you promote your brand! If someone once clicked on your pin and found a helpful piece of advice, next time, while looking for other answers, he will choose your advice too! He may neither remember the name of your blog nor you personally, but he will remember your style and connote it with a professional and helpful content. People rely on things they already know!

Keep it clear!

It is tempting to use few beautiful fonts, shapes, colors, very descriptive titles and photos with many details…isn’t it? 🙂 But if you truly want your readers to understand what is your point, remember about this rule: LESS IS MORE. Don’t use more than 2 different fonts, choose minimalistic photo underneath, don’t play with too many colors. If you don’t feel confident with presenting your own art, there is no risk while you keep it really simple. Simplicity always wins!

Create few versions

Post few different pictures that link to the same post. Our tastes vary, so if one photo does not encourage somebody to click, another may do it. Let me know in the comments section below which Pin made you click and read this post??? Number 1, 2 or 3? 😀 I’m curious! 😀

Pinterest Picture number 1Pinterest Picture Number 2Pinterest Picture Number 3

Keep it legal!

It is sad, but the majority breaks the law while posting “their” content. You should remember that you can’t use somebody’s photos without a permission. You are not allowed to crop them, edit them, remove watermarks, etc. It is someone’s belonging, someone put some effort and money to buy the proper equipment, take a photo, edit it and post it. You may think that nobody will notice… But what if your post goes viral? Becomes popular? You are the theft! There are some websites (such as Unsplash or Pexels) where you can download free photos and then use them legally. But the best idea is to use your own photos – and all problems are solved!

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