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Do you know that you can follow Instagram hashtags, not only people? I think it’s one of my most favorite new Instagram features!

Why do I find it so cool? Thanks to this feature:

  • I can discover more new people!
  • More people can discover me!

If you post good content, use hashtags, and your account is public, you can appear in home feeds of people who don’t follow you yet!


How to follow Instagram hashtags?

It’s easy! Here are few steps: First, go to the Explore page and type the hashtag you like. Press on the “Follow” button… and it’s done!

Posts of people you don’t follow will appear in your home feed – it will allow you to discover new accounts, be up to date with the things that interest you, and interact with people from all around the world!

This feature is especially important for those of you who run business accounts. It allows growing your account organically. If you engage with your new friends and leave thoughtful comments, they will check your account for sure!


You can also watch the Insta Stories of the hashtags you follow!

After you follow a hashtag, you will also see the Insta Stories published with that hashtag! They will appear on top of your home page.


Where to check the hashtags I follow?

To see which Instagram hashtag you follow, go to your Instagram feed page, press on “following”, and select “hashtags”. Then you can easily manage them.


Instagram won’t show you posts of everyone using a hashtag.

It seems like Instagram is selecting the most valuable posts tagged with the particular hashtag. Besides, it can show different posts to different people following the same hashtags.

To make sure that your post will be seen by as many people as possible, remember to post high-quality photos with engaging captions, and use all of the 30 hashtags!

Will you use this new feature? 😀

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