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You may wonder if the time you post on your social media actually matters. It does! Although the Instagram uses a new algorithm that doesn’t show the photos in the chronological order, the time you post still influences the engagement on your profile. Learn what is the best time to post on Instagram!

At the beginning, let’s start with the most important issue: THE TIME ZONE

Does your target audience live in the same time zone as you? To get more engagement, you need to post at the time more suitable for them, not you. For example, the major part of my audience comes from the United States. However, I live in Poland, Europe. If I want my followers from Los Angeles to see my photos at 9 am, I need to post it around 5pm of my time. Eye-opening, huh?

Since we’ve passed the issue of the time zone, we can move on to the exact hours which are the most suitable for your audience to spend on Instagram.


8:30 – 9 am

Most of the people are awake, they commute by public transport to their workplace. Probably they are extremely bored. What do they do? Scroll through Instagram! Others, so-called The Lucky Ones, are still in the bed, enjoying their morning coffee…and scrolling through their Instagrams too!

12 – 2 pm

The lunchtime. A short break is always a good opportunity to check social media accounts, right?

5 – 9 pm

Again, the public transport is a great place to take out your mobile and check out what the people I follow have posted today. We’ll be scrolling down until we see posts we’ve already seen yesterday (admit that you do the same!) and it may take a loooot of time 😀 Evening is actually the best time to post on Instagram.


Saturday is the day to get the personal stuff done. The big shopping, cleaning the house, a walk with children… People become more active around 7 pm and that is the most reasonable time to post. Since your followers don’t have to wake up early in the next morning, they are generally active till 11 pm.

Posting on Sundays is similar, but you’d better start around 5 pm because people will go to sleep earlier than on Saturday.

The days claimed to be the best to post during the week are Wednesday and Thursday.

However, everyone has a different type of account, different niche and the community of followers. There are things that may work for you, but will not work for me. That is why the schedule presented above is just a suggestion.

Hopefully, it’s not so difficult to find the best, individual solutions for your account. You’ll be able to figure out what is the best time to post on Instagram in your case.

Apply the general schedule, observe an engagement and upgrade the system.

Soon you’ll be ruling the Instagram! 😀

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