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What an assaulting title, huh? 😀

First, let’s make some stuff clear. If you keep your Instagram account only to share moments of your life with your friends, this article might not be the most interesting thing you will read today. But if you look for new followers and likes or you want to turn your Instagram into a brand, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

5 Whys I find your Instagram feed so boring:

#1 Too much narcissism

Do you really think that I want to stare at your face few times per day…? Don’t get me wrong – selfies are ok! But don’t become too narcissistic. People simply don’t like it. The best amount of selfies for an average account is 20% of the entire feed. Of course, if you are a beauty guru, it’s understandable that you will share more selfies – the photos of your makeup. Of your makeup, not of you. While making a selfie, try to change an angle, face expression, background, lighting… Portrait Instagram theme can be awesome too – just have a look at @snitchery‘s account!

#2 Bad quality

A lack of professional equipment does not mean that you can’t have a beautiful feed! If you are running an account for your brand, you can always use stock photos, for example from or However, it is better to post your own photos. Almost every smartphone can take high-quality photos. Here are few tips:

  • Use good lighting. The best option is the natural light, so make sure to take your photos during the day. Lighting is an 80% of a good shot!
  • Find the best composition. Remember, less means more.
  • Take photos with the back camera. Front cameras tend to have worse parameters.

#3 It looks so messy!

Remember these apps for creating collages for Instagram…? What on Earth..?! Who did even invented it?! Too many details make your feed look messy. In contrary, simple and minimal photos are eye-catching. If the sun is strong and high in the sky – and there are harsh shadows – take your photos against a simple background, whether it’s brightly colored or neutral. You can take an advantage of interesting and more complex background when there is fewer or even no shadows – for example during the golden hour.

Remember, each square is like a brick that creates your feed. It means that you can allow some crazy photos with lots of details appear from tie to time. Just don’t let them overtake your entire feed!

#4 There is no theme

There are many themes you may choose from: grid layouts (tiles, follow the line, stripes, etc.), color themes (white color theme or rainbow theme), object themes (food, landscapes, interior design, portraits), minimalistic themes… You can mix and match them! (Currently, I’m in love with a mixture of tiles and rainbow theme, check it ou – Of course, it obliges to some consistency, but it’s fun! It’s a storytelling by using your pictures! If you have no theme, some cool photos may not be so visible among the mess on your feed.

#5 Your frequency of posting

Option no. 1: I can’t stand seeing you all the time when I scroll through my Instagram! You post definitely too much! It’s so annoying!

Option no. 2: Your feed was looking so promising, so I followed you. I was expecting more photos and tips but now I feel disappointed with you – you post once a month or less!

Why I find your Instagram feed so boring?

Well, now… Tell me, what are you going to do – so I won’t get bored with your Instagram feed anymore? 😀