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If you have your own website, for sure you know how much traffic a good SEO can bring to it. However, sometimes it can be really hard to stand out of the crowd if you create a similar content to a content of other bloggers and entrepreneurs. And that is where a Long-Tail SEO comes in.

Essentially, Long-Tail SEO is based on understanding what exactly your clients (or readers) search for.

Here is an example:

Imagine you own an online perfume shop and I am your client. You have a product I want to buy but your brand is not well-known yet and I don’t even know about your existence.

If I was looking for any type of perfumes, I would rather go to the stationary perfume shop to smell different types. Anyway, I will not become your client because I am not into buying perfumes online that I’ve never smelled before. So SEO phrases such as “perfumery shop” or “perfumes online” will not make me a customer of your shop. What is more, phrases mentioned above are rather difficult in positioning process – there are many perfumery shops that are bigger and better known than yours. Even if you get to the Top10 (after hours and hours spend on creating your SEO backup), staying there for a longer time is almost impossible. Your competitors never sleep!

But let’s go back to your client, cause you want to sell me something, right? 😉 I’m a big fan of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (oh yes, I am 😀 ), I have already had these perfumes before in a version EDP 200ml. I’ve just finished the bottle and I want to buy a new one. I wouldn’t go to the stationary shop because I already know I can buy it cheaper on the Internet.

What do I type into the search bar?

Perfumes“? “Perfumes Online“? “Chanel Perfumes Online“?


I type “Chanel Coco Modemoiselle EDP 200ml“.

What is interesting, there is no word “perfumes” in the phrase, although I’m about to buy perfumes, right? I quickly check few first results of my searching and I buy the product that is the most accurate. Is it your product? Well, maybe – if you use the Long-Tail SEO for your website 🙂

So, to sum up, what exactly is a Long-Tail phrase?

Basically, it’s a phrase that contains more than 3 words and precisely specifies the product you’d like to sell. Long-Tail SEO helps you to gain clients that are decided to buy an exact product from your website.

Let’s get back for a while to an example of perfumery shop again. If anyone searches the phrase “perfumery shop”, he’s rather going to find out what are the fresh trends in the perfumery world or simply check the address and opening hours of stationary perfumeries in his neighborhood. If he (anyhow) gets to your website, he’s not likely to buy anything. So, again, Long-Tail SEO helps you to find people that actually want to buy your products.

Long-Tail SEO is especially effective when it comes to the online shops. However, this idea can be helpful in social media marketing.

Think of hashtags on Instagram – it works very similarly. “Hot” hashtags are very trendy to use, but it’s hard to stand out of the crowd of bratty teens that use these hashtags as they were addicted to them :O The solution is to make your hashtags more specific (but not too much! Try to imagine what your potential followers may look for). You’ll gain followers that will stay with you. They are interested in the content you post rather than “follow4follow” action. More about turning your Instagram into your brand you can read HERE 😀

I hope you find this post helpful! Good luck with planning your own SEO strategies!