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Cześć, it’s Zosia

I wish "Solving Business Problems Through Graphic Design" was a job title

my fav creative work: branding, web design + 2D animation

based in Warsaw/Poland, open for remote work

I love both pixels and paper, plants that are hard to kill, witnessing my client accept the 1st version of a design, and cheap champagne (I’m a connoisseur, okay?)

I hate coriander, being late, making the logo bigger, Comic Sans, and not being able to fall asleep because of new design ideas.

What I do

It takes more than a few pretty graphics to make a brand. I’ve met many business owners who struggle to be recognized the way they want (or to be recognized at all).

I help them stand out from the crowd through design!

How do I do that? Well, sometimes it requires crafting an entire visual identity strategy …and sometimes it takes animating a whiteboard video about a guy who knows nothing about repairing cars 😉

Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one.

I’m glad that T-shaped people & out-of-the-box thinking are becoming more & more appreciated.

I truly enjoy challenging myself with various design projects. It helps me to extend my bird’s eye view as I approach the next new design challenge. What can I say, I’m curious!

So far, I’ve stuck my fingers in:

visual identity design

product design

online advertising design

web design

SXO design